Three brands, one vision

We make great tasting, honest and real food, which we’re really proud of

Creating products that taste good and do good.

At Jordans Dorset Ryvita, we’re all about helping people around the world live healthier lives whilst minimising our impact on the world around us, and it’s our three brilliant brands that allow us to do this. Be it Jordans Cereals, Dorset Cereals or Ryvita: all three make great tasting, honest real food which we’re really proud of.

We’re also proud to work with a variety of charity partners to help make sure we do more than just make great biscuits & cereals. We work with & support The Wildlife Trusts, LEAF & The Prince’s Countryside Fund to pioneer a new grade of nature-friendly farming, The Woodland Trust to help plant trees and Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life to encourage people to live healthier, happier lives.

“All three of our brands help people live healthier lives whilst minimising our impact on the world around us'

Find out about our different and brilliant brands below:

  • Jordans


    The Jordans brothers were the first to bring Granola to the UK and now after 40 years, Jordans Cereals is the #1 Granola & Muesli Brand in Western Europe (Source: Euromonitor).

    Every bowl of Jordans Granola and Country Crisp is baked in the small town of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire in the UK. Biggleswade is where Jordans Cereals began and is the place we still call HQ today.

    It’s not just about great granola though: every pack of Jordans Cereals goes above and beyond to support nature by working with The Wildlife Trusts, LEAF and The Prince’s Countryside Fund. Together, we help our 34 British Oat farmers to dedicate over 10% of their farmland to wildlife, with a unique plan created for every single farm. It all adds up: in 2019, our oat farmers protected over 4,200ha for wildlife – that’s enough space to place 4,200 football matches all at once.


  • Dorset Cereals

    Dorset Cereals

    Dorset Cereals believe pleasure comes from taking time to enjoy the simple things in life, that we should all take a little bit of time to savour the moment throughout the day as our lives become ever busier.

    This all begins at breakfast time, and what better way to take a moment for yourself than enjoying a generous bowl of our delicious cereals? For over 30 years we’ve been making mueslis and granola in the beautiful surrounds of Dorset, UK, so we know a thing or two about what tastes great.

    We’re also very proud to support the Woodland Trust on their quest to preserve green space, and over the last few years we’ve given them the tools to plant over 38,000 trees across the UK. We’ve even got our hands dirty and planted 1,000 trees in Poundbury, Dorset.

    So, sit back and enjoy what we like to call ‘Breakfast on the Slow’.

  • Ryvita


    Ryvita has been bringing together simple, honest ingredients to create delicious foods since 1925. We now make a variety of Crunchy Rye Breads, Flatbreads and Crackerbreads that make a tasty addition to a balanced and nutritious diet.

    Our famous Crunchy Rye Breads (what you’ll probably know as “Ryvitas”) are baked in Poole with British Rye which makes them high in fibre. Topped with peanut butter, hummus or avocado, with our Rye breads you can whip up a delicious and high fibre lunch in minutes.

    But there’s more to us than that: Ryvita believes that healthy living is all about packing in as much good stuff as possible; be it getting more fibre from enjoying our Crunchy Rye Breads, or running in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life. We’re all about helping people to discover the small steps that make it easy to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and so we’re very proud to now be recognised as the UK’s #1 brand for caring about people’s health & wellbeing (Mintel 2019).